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Photo Design Samples from my portfolio


Turn your Photos into something Magical!


starcanvaspic-01.pngAs we journey across the city, or navigate thoughout the internet our eyes continue to focus on amazing creative designs by skilled designers. From the time we wake up every morning to the time we go to sleep, advertisers continue to get our attention with creative ads, so you will remember their products, or take action.

With most ads there is a photo displaying various views that best describe the product or service being advertised. With my many years before the computer became common on the art directors desk, I was airbrushing photos by hand and combining multiple images to create the ultimate photo design.

For the past 25 years since Apple Computers became my life, I have utilized and developed my skills in the digital world. A photo can be more than a pretty photograph on a page flooded with white space around it.

Let's talk about your next project. You might be an ad agency or maybe you own a business and need a spectacular photo designed for an ad. Some of the people that find my photo design work are having a special event, such as a wedding, annivesrary or maybe a special birthday, and want a canvas print.

No matter what type of photo design you are needing, I promise you will be more than satisfied with my work.


starswatch-01.pngThe Canvas Print to the right is a good example of my photo design capabilites. This was a unique project that captured the full event in a single image. The couple enjoyed their beautiful wedding on the cruise, then left for the Bahamas. 

star-orgpic-01.pngThe couple provided several images, but were not informed how they were to be used. I used all the details of their special day and trip to bring to life a spectacular canvas print. You will also see in the enlarged circle a section of the sky. Because this was a special wedding,
I thought it needed a little extra message, so
I added the white doves in the sky. You will also see the orginal image of the couple.
I brought them closer together in the image
and then added the sunny beach scene.
Look over their shoulders and you will see the... 


To complete the canvas print, I used their names
and ship bouy to elegantly express this special time. 
It might be a photo for a Canvas Print or a photo
for a direct mail piece... I will bring your project to life!


When you need the perfect gift, or want to turn your photo
into something Magical.... I will add my creativity to it!






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